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Now that it's reformatted to 4GB, it obviously doesn't do that anymore. The firmware thinks there's 8GB of memory, so the cam continues to write past the 4GB point and overwrites the two system partitions with video data. You can write 32GB of data to them just fine, and the file system will show all the files are there, but it actually just overwrites the same 2GB the actual capacity of the memory chip 15 times, so you just get garbage data if you try to access the first 30GB.

Empirical Measurements verified with VirtualDub. The AVI file has one video stream and one audio stream. Like the video mode , the image mode can't resolve more than horizontal checkerboard squares, so this confirms the up scaling from x LiPo mAh, 3. The shape, voltage and micro protection circuit board on the battery would indicate that this is a rechargeable LiPo battery.

Nirtocharged on the parallax forum revealed this secret about the 1 camera that I didn't know. This works even on my dead 1 camera. This only works for a 1 camera. Start with the camera off. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, connect the USB cable, then release the power button. You must have the power button pressed when you connect the USB.

The internal flash memory has three partitions. Windows will assign a drive letter and load an explorer window, for each partition. On my 1 camera the folders and files in the three partitions are:. The following procedure is for the 1 camera only. Do not run the burntool on any other type of camera.

It interfaces the the Anyka "burntool. To get into burn mode - Start with the camera and the LED off. Press and hold the mode button, then connect the USB cable. Release the mode button. Windows will either ask to install the M3USB driver, or use it if already installed. It contains the firmware for the 1 camera and the burntool about 5 megabytes. It makes Windows look for a hardware ID driver of vid pid To get into bootstrap mode: Start with the camera and the LED off.

Hold the mode button down and press the power button. Then release both buttons. Then connect the USB cable. Windows will not find a driver. The hardware ID is 04D6 E. How to enter webcam mode on the 1 camera - Connect the USB cable. Once Windows installs the mass storage device, press the camera power button for 2 seconds. The first time you do this, have this webcam driver unzipped and ready: Verified to work with with Skype and VirtualDub. Update 17 Nov - My 1 camera failed because of defective fake counterfeit flash memory see SOSFakeFlash If your 1 camera has failed, try system mode , and run the H2testw program on the flash memory to see if it is bad.

This test can take hours to run. Reformatting the drive is not a good flash test. I was able to revive my dead 1 camera. There is a huge counterfeit flash memory scandal going on concerning products from China that are often sold on eBay. These parts should have been scrapped. Many products containing bad flash have been sold on eBay. I bought an 8GB 1 camera from an eBay seller xprodeal in China.

That is a 32 gigabit 4 gigabyte chip. I never raised a flag about the fact that a 4GB flash chip is being used in my 8GB camera, and I should have.

The camera failed on October 19 Since then, when the camera is connected to the USB Windows does not see it. Now Windows reports the flash to be 4GB. I ran the H2testw program on this flash to test it. It took 5 hours to run. H2testw reports the flash bad. Here is the report from H2testw: Writing, MByte, 3: My tear-down video of my 1 camera is below or on YouTube. It worked from Sept 22 to Oct 19 The current symptoms are: Tried with 2 different computers and 4 different USB cables.

I have a 3 camera on order, so I will review that when I receive it. Received 2 Nov I now know why my camera died. It has a bad flash chip.

I was able to fix my camera. Here are the instructions. This is a non-commercial web site. Advertising is not accepted. I am not being paid for any mention or promotion.

To translate this page from English select a language. Here are a couple of component maps for the 1 Camera. Click for full size. I don't have a schematic, bill of materials or artwork. A big piece of the 1 camera puzzle has been solved. I received an email from Masato. He has directed me to new BIN files for the 1 camera that removes the date time stamp, and reduces the duplicate frame rate!

I have installed the new bin files on my 1 camera and they work. I hope that they work on your 1 camera. You can choose to continue to use the current font file and have the video date time stamp overlay, or replace the font file with the blank font file and have no overlay.

This completely removes the video date time stamp overlay. The video upper left corner has no date time stamp artifacts. Even if you remove the video date time stamp, you still want to set the date time with the time.

Some people have reported that setting the date time has fixed some unusual video length problems. This is good because the processor could not keep up with 25 FPS and generated many duplicate frames. The duplicate frame rate has dropped dramatically from about 12 per second to less than one per second.

A new test AVI file contains frames 8. The first 7 frames are duplicates. Then there are 4 more random duplicates in the file.

Ignoring the initial duplicate group, that's 4 duplicates in frames 7. That is a lower duplicate frame rate than a 3 camera. If you have a Windows computer , use the Anyka burntool to update your 1 camera. Use these files at your own risk. They work in my 1 camera. These are the new bin files.

There is just enough room in the bin partition for one copy of these files. No need to press reset after each video. A camera owner named Michael from Germany emailed me about how he restored his dead 1 camera. He used system mode, reformatted, and restored the system files. I used his system files Use these bin files.

Use system mode to boot your camera.

808 Micro Camera Driver Download

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The is a small color video camera with audio that also takes photos. The keychain micro-camera provides a fully functional digital camera and video recorder small enough to hide in the palm of your hand. You just need a new battery and change it! Low battery buzzing artifact in video -Gone! Just one cable is OK. It supports audio volume control, and you can even get it mute to save battery and helps to increase the recording time when the audio is not needed, it can be set by TXT config tool. AVI file format, using the same H. If you need it, please send a message to us, and we will send it to you by email. Please find more details in the PDF manual. PRO — Wider angle of view, about 78 degrees.

808 Key Chain Camera Not Working – Basic Troubleshoot and Fix

808 Micro Camera Driver Download

Burns Hudson modified his 3 camera to replace the internal microphone with an external microphone. This was done so that he could use the camera inside his helmet and have the microphone correctly positioned. The result is a driver-eye view and excellent audio. The full construction details and photos are here. The Camera is great for Spying or Surveillance, at least in the manner that I use it. My co-workers have used it as well, and we love it so far. All of those device add too many complications, and setup. I have wasted hundreds of dollars in the past trying to find "the answer" to the problem I end up with at work occasionally I do workers' comp surveillance, and have been using the camera at work for about a month now, and have used it to film a "subject" unknowingly while in an elevator with her and her husband who is three times my size!

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