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Discussion in ' Lenovo ' started by MidnightSun , Mar 26, Log in or Sign up. As a member of the legendary Thinkpad family, the Xe has high standards of durability and usability to meet. The Xe is in no different position, with competitors from many major laptop OEMs, including but not limited to the following: Windows 7 Home Premium bit Warranty: Initial Impressions The Xe arrived exactly two weeks after I placed the order 1 week build, 1 week UPS Ground shipping from Shanghai , which is faster than I had expected for a just-released product.

My T took about the same time to arrive as well. Since I had bought my T, it seemed Lenovo had cut down on most extras. Whereas my T came with some extra screws, alternate Trackpoint nubs, and many documentation booklets, the Xe came very minimally packaged, with only the Adobe Acrobat X disk, a quick-start sheet, and a thin service manual.

I was surprised to see that there was no protective layer placed between the screen and keyboard and in fact, there were two dirty fingerprints on the screen , although everything in the box was secured well and there was no damage whatsoever. The Xe has great build quality, and feels strong and tightly-fitted throughout. Surprisingly, I would actually say that the Xe has better fit and finish than my T, with all panels fitting tightly together and no signs of cheap plastic molding.

The plastic panels of the palmrest feel very solid, with no flex even when pressing hard with my fingers. The plastic panels around the ports are well-molded and feel solid, with little chance of breakage over time. The lid is quite tough as well, and it is not possible to cause a rippling effect onscreen when pressing on the lid.

The screen also exhibits very minimal flexing when attempting to twist it from both of the top corners. The metal hinges appear to be identical in design to those on traditional Thinkpads, although they are painted black to match the rest of the laptop.

There are no latches on the lid, and the Xe is held closed by hinge tension I did not notice any magnets , with a slight edge along the top of the lid to facilitate opening the laptop.

There are rubber bumpers along the edge of the screen to prevent the screen from touching the keyboard when stuffed into a tight bag with books. The 6-cell extended battery fits tightly, with no wobbling as seen on many other Thinkpads, including my T and its extended 9-cell battery.

It uses a dual locking system that differs from older Thinkpads. Upgrading most major components is very easy on the Xe. The entire metal bottom panel of the laptop slide off with the removal of 3 screws, exposing both RAM slots, the hard drive, WiFi half-height card, cooling system, and more.

Most of these components are easily replaceable, although the Bluetooth module has been relocated to an obscure location that requires disassembling much of the laptop to access. There are several changes from traditional Thinkpads that I dislike on the Xe. Lenovo has removed the status lights under the screen that are seen on the Tx00 generation of Thinkpads, which indicate power-on status, hard drive activity, Caps and Num Lock status, Bluetooth, WiFi, and WWAN status, and more.

Instead, the only indicator lights on the Xe are on the front edge, indicating battery status and sleep status, and around the power button, indicating power on status. The lack of hard drive activity and WiFi status lights particularly bother me.

In the interest of saving space, the volume buttons are also placed on the Esc, F1, and F2 keys instead of on separate buttons. Compared to my The Xe measures The front edge of the Xe slopes inwards, giving the laptop a very slim look that seems thinner than 1.

The Xe comes with a light, 65W AC adapter identical to the ones bundled with other X-series laptops and integrated graphics versions of T-series machines.

The most noticeable difference is the island chiclet, separated, etc. Each key has straight non-sloping edges, and is separated from the others by blank space, unlike the traditional Thinkpad keyboards, which have very little gap between keys, with sloping front and side edges. The island keys give a cleaner look, lending the Xe a simple, professional look.

The tops of the keys are curved, much like normal Thinkpad keyboards. Spill protection is also present, although the drainage holes present on traditional Thinkpads are absent from the bottom of the Xe. The 7-row layout has been compressed into the more ubiquitous 6-row layout to fit on the small chassis, and the dedicated volume, microphone, and ThinkVantage keys have been removed.

The keys, however, are the same size: The traditionally blue Enter key is now the same black as the other keys. The back and forward keys next to the arrow keys have been removed, unfortunately, and are replaced with also-useful Page Up and Page Down keys. Typing feel, however, is just as good on the Xe as it is on my T The pressure required to depress the keys seemed ever so slightly higher on the Xe than my T, although it did not negatively impact my typing.

Despite the island design, key spacing is almost exactly the same, as I verified using a ruler. There is no keyboard flex whatsoever when typing, although I can get the keyboard to flex slightly if I press very hard with one finger. As I verified when replacing the hard drive, the keyboard backing is the same as other recent Thinkpads, with a perforated metal backplate.

Although the palmrests are shorter on the Xe, I had no problems when typing, and resting my wrists on the palmrests is comfortable.

Also, a note for those users who dislike the traditional Thinkpad Fn Ctrl layout: The TrackPoint behaves exactly the same as it does on my T, and the colored striping is again present on the mouse buttons. In fact, as Lenovo was missing the UltraNav driver for the Xe, I installed the latest T release, and everything worked properly. A little habit adjustment later, however, and it was a nonissue. I had no problems with it, and tracking was accurate with no lag. Display The Xe has a matte Thankfully, Lenovo stuck with a matte coating instead of using a glossy screen like most of the laptops currently on the market, cutting down on screen reflections and enabling use in brighter areas.

The Xe is quite usable outside, and on a cloudy day, the 8th out of 15 brightness setting was sufficient. Viewing angles are average compared to other laptops. Horizontal viewing angles are adequate to share a movie with two other people seated next to you. Vertical viewing angles are relatively narrow, but since the panel is so small, there are no problems finding a good angle to view the entire screen. The x resolution on the Audio The speakers on the Xe are quite average, playing relatively faithful highs and mids, but lacking bass.

Overall speaker quality is a bit lower than my T, which is to be expected on a business-oriented ultraportable. Max volume is, however, significantly lower than on my T possibly due to the speaker placement on the underside of the front edge , but it will likely not be an issue if you are playing music to yourself or web conferencing.

I would recommend headphones for listening to music. Web Conferencing The Xe is equipped with a 0. Image quality was as expected, and the white balance adjusted relatively well to a variety of different-hued lights including both incandescent and fluorescent lights. Skype worked well, and callers on the other end reported clear video and sound. The only intermittent issue I had with the webcam was when it failed to start at the beginning of some calls, with an error message saying the webcam was in use when no other applications were running.

After a little while, though, the webcam would turn on. Port Selection Port selection is above average for a machine of this size and price, and port placement is commendable as well.

On the right edge, we have one USB, one always-on yellow USB which supplies power even when the laptop is off, if it is plugged in , and a 4x1 card reader. The card slot appeared to be connected through a USB interface, as the Xe was able to boot from an SD card unlike many PCIe-linked card slots, which are not available through boot.

On the back, we have the power jack identical to all other modern Thinkpads and a screwless VGA port. Software The Xe thankfully came with nearly no bloatware, and it seemed simple to get rid of the little there was. The laptop comes with the same ThinkPad login screen and UI customizations present on other recent Thinkpads, and a full complement of ThinkVantage software.

The Xe does not come with recovery disks, but has a recovery partition on the system drive. Performance As benchmark data is readily available for the Zacate platform online from other reviews, and in light of the fact that most Xe users will not be benchmarking or stressing the system in very intensive use, I will not be providing a very quantitative performance analysis in my review, instead focusing on how the Xe does in general usage.

The Xe handled HD content beautifully, playing back p and p content without a hitch. Gaming had mixed results. Vindictus did run on the laptop, at native resolution and most settings turned to low. Frame rates, however, were barely at 30 FPS, and it was definitely not pretty to look at. Other less intensive games such as Osmos and World of Goo, however, ran well on the Radeon graphics.

Boot time after the replacement was very quick, and applications opened nearly instantly. Every once in a while, the laptop would lock up for a quarter of a second or so: I did not experience the audio stutter or mouse lag after flashing from 1. The Xe, however, promised to bring an end to that problem, with its new cooler-running AMD Zacate and revamped cooling system.

HWMonitor does not have official support for Zacate either, as seen in the screenshot. Take the HWMonitor temperatures with a grain of salt: The Xe runs very cool, with the top and bottom both cool to the touch on idle, at an ambient indoor temperature of around 65F. Even around the heat vent, typically the hottest part on a laptop, the Xe is only barely warm to the touch.

When using Skype in a 30 minute long call with video on both sides, the laptop pushed out some warm air, but the bottom panel stayed cool. Overall, the Xe is very lap-friendly. Noise, however, was an issue to me, although I should probably note that I am easily annoyed by laptop fans. There is a constant whooshing noise of expelled air, although thankfully there is little to no motor noise.

A larger fan would likely have reduced the noise level, although it would probably be difficult to accommodate in such a compact chassis. On battery, the fan is off most of the time, sometimes spinning up to a relatively quiet low speed. Not satisfied with the noise level, however, I installed the third-party TPFanControl program by troubadix link here: The fan immediately shut off, and remained off for general usage.

The bottom of the laptop remained mostly cool, although it was a tad warmer near where the CPU is installed, as expected with the fan off.

Lenovo Thinkpad X120e Drivers Download

Lenovo ThinkPad X120e (0611A14) Drivers

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Lenovo Thinkpad X120e Drivers Download

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