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Prevent Windows 10 From Downloading Driver Updates Install Update

Whenever I install it, the first thing Windows Update does is download a different one. There's almost no difference, except that the one from WU causes my mouse cursor to get stretched vertically, and every other line of it is an empty line. I finally figured out that it's a software problem, a feature that's missing from the Windows 10 version but is present in the Windows 8.

Obviously I want to continue to use the Windows 8. I've tried going into System properties and telling it not to download anything, but that had no effect, as when I had to restart a minute later, both of my drivers were immediately replaced by downloadables. How can I either a disable Windows Update automatically updating my drivers, or b force it to use the ones I install? Did this solve your problem? Sorry this didn't help.

Users should have the right to decide what they wan't or don't want installed. Most WU drivers often have issues. It is already difficult for an everyday user to troubleshoot a WU update for Windows that has issues. In my 15 years of computer support it has always been very difficult to pin point WU update issues after roll out. Adding on top of that automated driver updates for hardware makes it all the more difficult.

OK, I agree with you that driver manufacturer has a responsibility. It's easier to spot a bad update when you have control over it. Companies stay at least 2 years behind in Windows installs to make sure that most bugs are fixed. However, they still have the option of choosing what will and won't be installed on machines.

The everyday user doesn't have that option with Windows Now not only software updates get automatically added on to that, hardware which as you pointed out can sometimes be even less reliable is also included.

Imagine, IT gets to choose what to update because they know that some updates can cause issues so they slowly roll them out to verify them when on the other hand the everyday user gets a whole bunch of updates dumped on him without ever having a simple option of saying OK, let me choose this so I can avoid issues.

At this moment, you even have to use a cab file to prevent an update from installing. Do you think that an evryday user understands this? At least let the power users have a simple option to choose what they want installed on their machine just like an IT has that option with a server.

The forced updates thing is just incredible. I can agree with forced security updates but not with device driver updates. I do not want MS to suddenly update drivers that have been working fine for me and then have to jump thru hoops and barrels to undo them.

This could put me off windows 10 if not taken care of. I hope MS will address this ASAP and not wait a year or more for their 'moment of clarity' and then wonder why windows 10 is doing bad.

I have an Acer laptop with a Synaptics touch pad. The drivers, that Win 10 installs, disable scrolling using the touch pad. I can reinstall older Synaptics drivers which then restore full functionality but within the blink of an eye Windows reinstalls the useless drivers and I am back to square one.

I've done everything I can to block or defer the driver updates but Win 10 just ignores my efforts and does its own thing. If this is how the final release will work its going to severely damage Microsoft's reputation as they will be blamed for the issue, not the driver manufacturers. Microsoft is testing new stuff, and gets error reports from the crashes, as well as Feedback My understanding is that this will continue when Win 10 is released, for the HOME version, but the PRO version will have the ability to choose updates.

I've sorted things after a fashion by part following the info in the link above. What I had to do was uninstall the borked drivers, reboot and quickly run the "show or hide updates trouble shooter package" before Windows could reinstall the driver. Microsoft, are you really going to release the oficial version of Windows 10 with this bug??? Tell us about your experience with our site. User Created on July 15, So I want to prevent Windows Update from downloading device drivers. This thread is locked.

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 7. User Replied on July 15, Hi Brandon, try this one: Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? Zardoc Replied on July 17, In reply to A.

User's post on July 15, Brant Gurganus Replied on July 17, In reply to Zardoc's post on July 17, The Windows Update drivers are no different than any other drivers. Windows selects the driver based on signing, preferring logo'd drivers to non-logo'd drivers; hardware compatibility preferring specific compatibility to generic compatibility; and versioning, preferring newer versions to older versions.

It may also look at driver date in addition. Anyhow, that algorithm of how the drivers are selected is documented, so if Windows is picking a driver that does not work, it is not generally Windows at fault but the driver manufacturer. I've investigated a few cases of Windows Update-distributed drivers causing an issue, and it has generally been the working driver not specifying the hardware specifically, so Windows sees correctly a newer driver that is just as specific to the hardware and chooses to install it.

What the manufacturer should do in those situations is create a new version of the working driver for that hardware and package it with a more specific hardware ID for the compatible hardware.

When you do uninstall drivers, so long as you haven't opted out of the Customer Experience Improvement Program and similar feedback mechanisms, Microsoft does get a signal that there might be a problem with the driver package. That feedback also feeds into the logo program as I recall. In reply to Brant Gurganus's post on July 17, In reply to amuzeini's post on July 17, This issue is driving me nuts.

What worked for me was to "Rollback" to the one I wanted At least in my case, the Rollback "Stuck" Unfortunately things don't always go smoothly as a result In reply to slance's post on July 20, Hi thanks for the suggestion to Rollback the drivers, but I have tried that and Win 10 still updated the drivers!

Seems to have worked for now but not holding my breath. I hope Microsoft get a handle on this before the 29th.

Sakate Replied on July 21, That's my problem too There is an option to disable driver updates or it was there in previous builds at least. This site in other languages x.

Prevent Windows 10 From Downloading Driver Updates

How To Disable Automatic Device Driver Downloads In Windows 10?

This tutorial explains how to disable automatic device driver downloads in Windows Being the freshly baked awesomeness that it is, Windows 10 is loaded with a whole lot of unique and impressive features that include everything from visual overhauls to under the hood refinements. But the best part is that it also carries over the handy functionalities introduced by its predecessors over the years, polishing them even further. It goes without saying that Windows 10 is a pretty smart Operating System.

3 Ways To Disable Automatic Driver Updates In Windows 10

Prevent Windows 10 From Downloading Driver Updates

In Windows 10, your device is always kept up to date with the latest features and fixes. Windows Updates are installed automatically, with no need to select which updates are needed or not needed. In rare cases, a specific update might temporarily cause issues with your device, and in this case you will need a way to prevent the problematic update from reinstalling automatically the next time Windows Updates are installed. If an update you are being offered is causing system crashes or instability and Windows was operating correctly prior to that change, you can follow these instructions to prevent the unwanted driver or update from being installed: To uninstall the unwanted update, select it from the list and then click Uninstall. To temporarily prevent the update from being reinstalled until an updated fix is available, a troubleshooter is available that provides a user interface for hiding and showing Windows Updates and drivers for Windows You can obtain and run the "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter by downloading it from the Microsoft Download Center: Download the "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package now. Microsoft scanned this file for viruses. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted.

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