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Cant Get My Neat Scanner To Download Driver Install Update

In this video, I show you how Neat Online Chat helped me fix the problem, in just 15 minutes. I will also post a video, just about how to find NeatDesk Support on the Neat website, if all you can find is email support. I hope this helps you. And that works if you're on a PC running older systems. If you're on Mac and especially if you're on the latest OS Sierra they admit they haven't fixed the crashing problems.

Each of these steps have not resolved the problem. Tringle on the bottom left of the circle is pointing up and the triangle on the top right is pointing down. The only text associated with the icon is the word "Neat". Unfortunately this didn't work for me however, I WAS able to solve this problem by: I then closed Neat and changed the name of my Neat Data folder and created a new database, as described here: Place the Neat Scanner on a hard surface, preferably outdoors.

Acquire a sledge hammer, minimum 2 lbs weight, preferably more. Hammer the ever living Hell out of the Neat Scanner. Leave 1 star reviews wherever possible for the Neat company and assorted devices, and warn off other potential buyers from ever hassling with the nightmare that is Neat Software.

Acquire a high quality shredder like a Fellows 99ci and proceed to shred all unnecessary documents instead of wasting time scanning them. You don't need to scan things anymore. Just take a picture with your phone if you absolutely have to.

Thank you SO much! If only I'd found this video 2 hours sooner, I wouldn't feel like I've wasted most of my afternoon uninstalling and reinstalling Neat. My Neat Scanner will not scan, the Scan button does not light up on the computer set p nor on the scanner itself.

I have tried to reach support on numerous occasions since December to no avail. Can anyone assist me. Impressed by your computer skills. Not nearly as proficient here but I get by. Its always nice when someone who does not get paid post helpful information online for free. This encourages me to continue to do the same.

I will try you advice and see what happens. I was having the same "stop working" problem. I followed your tip and found images of 2 receipts I had scanned with another scanner. They were not intended to be in Neat but somehow it picked them up and put them in the Neat data — QSP folder.

After deleting them — no more crashes. Thanks for posting this video and saving me more hours of frustration. Thank you Thank you Thank you for posting this video. I love my neat scanner, but it is so glitchy. I was able to easily resolve my issue when I realized I had Picasa open at the same time. When Picasa is open and you have Neat open and scan receipts Picasa and Neat have a conflict. Right after Neat closes, you can see a message flash up that the receipt is being saved as a PNG.

Neat Company posted a new help video on this topic, that is very direct to the point. You might try their fix first: I have a the Neat Desk scanner and recently ran into a problem after updating from v5. I get the "Neat has stopped working" error message when attempting to export files. I am able to scan and save documents and receipts with no issues. However, when I attempt to export a file or folder usually after I have made a mistake and combined what I'm exporting instead of keeping it separate , I get the error message when I attempt to export again.

It seems like it's okay if I export once, but more than that and I will get an error. I attempted to update my drivers to no avail. I know what you mean about your love beginning to wane for Neat. Neat looks like a good program for my condo files but I am reluctant to purchase based on your comments.

Is there another scanner software on the market with less hassles that you would recommend, I do have a lot of files to digitize. I was able to download the software for free. Was that supposed to happen? I ordered another scanner, but wanted to try this software. As of now, is the software is not working for you? Just got a tweet from Neat saying they updated the Knowledge Base Page http: I'm glad they are listening and that users will be able to get back to scanning without using tech support!

This is the second time I have tried neat products. The older portable scanner and software was barely usable. I have tried the 5. Both HP and Neat were unable resolve the issues. I had considered buying a third set of software and scanner. In all I have scanned in over documents, receipts and contacts. I have had to restart neat and reset the borders on a 23 inch monitor. I don't know how you can use this program on a 17 inch screen much less 15 and smaller.

The search feature is unreliable. It can't find numbers entered in a field or words copied from the remarks reliably. I couldn't get Quicken to support data I needed for insurance and financial tracking. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

I have tried compatibility mode settings. I have 95 pictures of incidents of this nature. Many more I didn't bother to take. If the scanner jammed it was almost guaranteed to crash. I didn't bother to document these. Neat does keep what is scanned in and starts processing it when neat is restarted. I wanted to try neat in windows 7 but bad luck in that area hasn't helped. There is no way this company is interested in resolving the issues. I cut off the online sync because I didn't want my information out there for anybody to exploit.

I need the program to work with not internet connection. I'm fighting the program not wanting to back up, approximately g. A new problem with no case number. You can't restore a backup file from a usb drive. The dance goes something like copy the backup file to your hard drive, erase the neat files, restore the files.

When I asked a Neat representative the limits, he said he had a customer with a 40 g backup file. My phone number is blocked so even If I bought a third package I couldn't get phone support. There seems to be a 70 page limit to exporting data in pdf format.

The reason Mimi is disappointed is the company is stonewalling the customer, has a product that doesn't live up to their hype.

Here's hoping we get it working. I'd love to update this thread on a positive note. Thanks Mimi, I really appreciate you posting this.

Beware anyone considering buying this system! What to do if Neat crashes after scanning. This happened to me a few months ago and in this video I explain what was causing NeatDesk to shut down every time I scanned a document and what I did to fix it. I hope you don't have this problem, but if you do, I hope this helps get you up and running again! Thank you for taking the time to create this video. It was a big help to me. Here's how I solved my Neat Software has stopped working problem: This has helped me greatly, I opened the folder and found 4 images.

Thank you, for posting a video on this. No one is listening, and all they give you is a canned answer.

Cant Get My Neat Scanner To Download Driver

Neat NeatReceipts NM-1000 Review

Question, if you are looking to find things easy by searching for instance a Macy's receipt, or a letter from a insurance company using spotlight on your Mac what is the best way? What is it that does the character recognition? Is it the scanner, or the software? Meaning what a better scanner give you better CR, or would better software?

The Neat Company Neat ADF Scanner - two ways of downloading and installing the driver

Cant Get My Neat Scanner To Download Driver

Welcome to NeatWorks Welcome to version 4. We're happy to announce the following new or enhanced features with this release: The menus and toolbars have been redesigned to make the application faster and easier to use. To do so, perform these steps: The system will detect the document type for you automatically, or you can select the document type in the Document Type field. If you are using the NeatDesk ADF scanner, which can scan two-sided images, you'll be able to select single-sided or double-sided scanning in the Scan Options field. You can drag and drop misclassified items between bins if desired. For example, if a document accidently scanned as a receipt, you can drag it from the receipt bin into the document bin. NeatWorks will now recognize it as a document instead of as a receipt. This opens the Review screen, as illustrated below. The Review screen enables you to adjust or delete the scanned image.

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