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Compaq Presario C700 Audio Driver Free Download Install Update

Estos controladores son para win7 32bits o 64 bits o ambos? Los necesito para 64 bits. I can't download these drivers. Kindly post another link. Hi anupamrocks i will upload and post another link asap. Hi again, compaq presario cTU win 7 drivers here: You need to test each 3 drivers I posted above, or you need to provide me your wireless hardware ID in order to identify which driver you need to install.

I have compag Presario C laptop.. I wont install Win Save Changes and Exit. Try again run Windows 7 Install. For the driver refer here: Thank You brother, you save my life HI hakim, the driver i gave work on most c model but not all, to get the proper audio driver for your model, get me the hardware ID or check your specific model. TO check c specific model: Hi there, for your information HP doesn't provide windows 7 driver for this model, So in order to get the proper driver, people like me try to figure what we should do to get C the proper driver after installing windows 7, and i tested windows vista driver worked for win 7, so that why some of the drivers are originally vista drivers.

This post is perfect! I have Compaq Presario C laptop I just install windows Where can i get the driver??? Hi I have Presario C and install Windows 7 in it, everything fine except audio even icon is there and sound is working with headphone but not anything in laptop speakers.

Anything in this regard will be highly appreciate. Hi Black X Thanks for your reply and I follow the way you said to set speakers as default but at that stage, that set as default option is not working, I can't use it. Anymore help really apprecaited. Ok, lets try to reinstall the audio driver, install the audio according to the method i posted at the post above. Hello again I re-install the audio driver and according to your above mentioned instructions, I try to install it again but this time, it gives the new error and it is that "the driver I am trying to install it is not designed for Windows 64 based systems".

Now please guide me what to do? I have Windows 7, 64 bit. If not work the last option is reformat to win 7 or win xp, vista have a lot problems and believe me it is not a stable OS. Hi Black-x Keep up the good work! This is Orlando and I own a C laptop, C to be specific.

And my hdd is showing as removable Please help me! HP universal 2mp webcam you may need to install cyberlink youcam as the application to use the cam: Is it possible to install win 7 on this laptop?? When it was working it actually showed "webcam " in device manager. But now nothing shown there.

First of all, thank you, you are simply great. I will now ask you a favor, do you have the drivers for Compaq Presario C, Product number: Hello, I also have a problem with my pc notebook Presario c windows 7 bit ultimate I can't find audio drivers that suits for it, I try to download many audio drivers, even in realtek, and even the audio driver you have given, I follow the instructions but, it never work with my pc, I like sound for it, even my father wants it, please help hhe Thanks.

HI there, sorry for my late reply, i need you to get the hardware ID for you Audio and post it here. To get the hardware id you can refer to my tutorial here: Download and install this driver: Please help me I really need it. KB Download link Then reinstall audio using the driver provided on my post above, do read the instruction to install the audio.

If you still need my assistance open device manager and get the hardware id and post it here. I've posted it here a few weeks ago Hi again, there's no information about your model, so it is difficult to get the original audio drivers. What i have to do is mod the original driver first, this method most of the time works. So, while waiting for the back stickes, here what you can do, post the snapshot of your device, and write everything you can get from the back stickers of your laptop.

This comment has been removed by the author. I think you can delete the comment above coz the product key should not exposed publicly. I already backup other info, i really need to see the device manager snapshot. Compaq Presario c Notebook Pc. Hi again, So, I've done my research tonight and i got few solutions.

Then try to play any audio file and if there is error let me know the error statement. Just for you Information: This problem is common with windows XP and not windows 7, the best thing that can explain why this happen is using an incomplete or modified version of windows which missing few important drivers file.

The hardware ID show 2 things, the chipset wasn't fully installed or the system is missing the core files for audio. One thing we can check is there are no hdaudbus in this location: So, later on i will post the best solution i think can solve this problem, for now i want to research for few more hours before come up with the suggestions. The current OS you are using was modified version of windows because as you can see from the pic you posted: About no audio from the headphone means your system is missing something, if there are sound there are other solution for that.

Well, OS in not my field of expertise and i can't comment about it in details, btw I'll try to post my suggestion a. So here my suggestion: Automatically detect drivers using intel: Uninstall conextant audio from the device manager by right click and select uninstall. Right click on any list there and select scan for hardware changes. The install the drivers i provide above. Remember the driver i gave to you from this link: KB, there are 3 of them and try to install all by right click and select as admin.

If anything goes wrong perform system restore. I think , the OS of our laptop is now okay, I juet need to re-activate it.. I can't follow this because I can't connect our pc in Internet.. Currently I'm quite busy for incoming Malaysian 13th General Election may 5th , I already did some research for offline solution for your problem and still working on it. I'll post it maybe after 6th of may. I have tested with c using windows 7 home premium version , it seems that the audio detected but no sound come out.

Even with some tweak the driver installed successfully but no sound at all. So i reinstalled ultimate edition and the audio work fine, instead of using conextant audio, the generic audio driver installed along windows 7 ultimate edition is working compare to conextant itself. I think reactivating windows will not solve your problems, how about try to install different version of windows, win 7 professional, ultimate etc. Drivers for your modem: Thanks a lot,, it really works now: First of all not all c series have bluetooth device, if you have bluetooth you need to activate the bluetooth first before installing the the bluetooth found on my blog.

Another thing to do is to let Broadcom detect the best bluetooth drivers for you. To do that just simply visit this site: Hello, I have a cev presario. The drivers in your post will work for my laptop? Thanks and keep the good work. There are 4 files in the Intel Matrix Storage download page. Should I install all of them? Card reader c for windows 7: Kalau nak check problem driver kat windows 7 ni leh baca kat sini.

Tak perlu dah kecuali ada masalah dengan audio dan wifi. Unknown device pada c ni biasanya adalah HP quicklaunch, download link: Kalau xjadi lepas install warna kuning tu masih ada , dapatkan hardware ID untuk yang warna kuning dan post kat sini, cara nak dapatkan hardware ID boleh baca kat sini: Cuba dulu audio ni: Untuk Wireless, ada 3 kemungkinan samada Intel, atheros atau broadcom jadi saudara cuba dulu driver yang saya post kat atas.

Kalau xjadi try guna driver ni. Sbb mugkin kene MOD sikit driver tu. Panduan untuk dapatkan hardware ID boleh baca keat sini:

Compaq Presario C700 Audio Driver Free Download

Compaq Drivers Download

The best way to fix your PC to run at peak performance is to update your drivers. If your system is slow, unresponsive or crashes often, the problem may be with your drivers. Sometimes, after upgrading to a newer operating system such as Windows 10, problems can occur because your current driver may only work with an older version of Windows. To download and update your drivers manually, follow the instructions below. Updating drivers manually requires some computer skills and patience. A faster and easier option is to use the Driver Update Utility for Compaq to scan your system for free. The utility tells you which specific drivers are out-of-date for all of your devices. To get the latest driver, including Windows 10 drivers, you can choose from a list of most popular Compaq downloads. Click the download button next to the matching model name. After you complete your download, move on to Step 2.

Compaq Presario C700 Drivers for windows 8

Compaq Presario C700 Audio Driver Free Download

Estos controladores son para win7 32bits o 64 bits o ambos? Los necesito para 64 bits. I can't download these drivers. Kindly post another link. Hi anupamrocks i will upload and post another link asap. Hi again, compaq presario cTU win 7 drivers here:

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