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6to4 Adapter Vista Driver Download Install Update

I get error 31 with 6TO4 Adapter, though I don't know what's this adaper's function and so I do not know what aspect of the pc isn't working, I just noticed it in the device manager and was wondering how to solve this problem? Got same message here. Vista premium preloaded on HP Pavilion. Found message in knowledge base that said it was of no consequence. My challenge is different, I can't access a wireless network, because my 6to4 adapter keeps deleting itself.

I have reloaded it by deleting the others lan adapters, which automatically reinstalls, I see the 6to4 come up and install then as quickly as it installs it deletes itself. I told them this should not be happening to a new system. Has anyone found a solution to this? Install sucessful but unable to download. Device manager also indicate a problem with it. What is the problem???????????????

The problem is very minor. I spoke to a geek squad agent about the problem and the tech told me that its nothing wrong with the system. Microsoft is working to correct the 6TO4 adapter message problem, but i was assured that it does not affect the system at all. I hope the lynk provides you with some knoledge. I didn't know I was removing any?? My HP Pavilion Vista Home is starting to occasinally lock up; seems to occur most often while high bandwidth is needed across the internet, such as downloading media Only thing that shows up as a problem is the error 31 described in the message thread.

Did the same attempt to update and go the note that the driver is current. I'm getting the same error. Ive tryed to uninstall the drivers and reboot and I get the same errors again.. Constently getting hollowed out like no bites are being sent or recieved. I try to download a 5 meg file takes 4 hrs to download Ive been researching and have collected some next to useless word docs from MS.

Good lot of use when not on my PC. After looking through dozens of pages I found at least 3 topics on it here. Lionel Chen you have been helping people with this problem. And yes, I do need it. It was working fine til a couple days ago.

Ive tried reinstalling it, editting the registry entry and all the usual stuff. The only thing i can think of that I havent done is manually replacing the tcpip6. Should i try this or will the system become unstable?

Sorry if i sound arrigant. Ive just spent the last 3 days trying to fix this problem which everyone seems to keep getting ignored on. I had just gotten this device error because I caused it to happen by removing some drivers within Vista in safe mode. It maybe that wireless networking is different from line networks, but I can tell you this, I fixed it because I am the type that does not like exclamation icons in my devices LOL! To solve this problem with 6To4 adapter device with code 31, make sure you do the following: Make sure you have all the updates installed for vista, such as, Important and Recommend updates.

Click [Browse my computer for software drivers]. Click [Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer]. You should see the Microsoft 6To4 adapter listed? If not you must uncheck the [] box show compatible hardware. Click on Microsoft as the Manufacture and scroll down about two clicks, you should see 6To4 adapter. Unfortuneatly it won't install because it cant find the drivers I have tried to follow advise to reistall driver and I still get the same message,"This device cannot start.

I have also tried to install updates from the internet for Microsoft 6to4 Adaptor and get the same message, "you have an uptodate version" I don't understand what this devise does and if I need it or not.

I only removed this one "Microsoft 6to4 adapter" and then re-installed it see above. Excellent explaination, but the problem keeps on Me too it tell me it was funtionning good but I have the exclamation mark on that driver device. I tried system restore as I had installed updates. System restore did not work properly.

Now internet is very slow. I use a wireless connection so I am going to try removing 6TO4 all 3 of them. If this fails I may have to do a full destructive restore Granted there is currently no one using the IPv6 we still have a bit of room left on the IPv4 addies however this error can crop up multiple times on a person's comp. In my case it prevents me from networking with another computer in my house. For the most part it does seem harmless, however it would be nice if it could be actually deleted or intstalled correctly.

I'm looking into this issue myself for reference sake but for a totally unrelated subject. I know it won't fix the issue outright, but these suggestions are a start. I have an Acer Aspire that has not had the adaptor working since i installed software!!

I wouldnt worry too much but as 2 other drivers have gone down recently that i cant sort, now it is!! When are the people responsible going to take note???? I am using Hp Pavilion dvmx Notebook, which runs on Vista home basic and is one yr old today. This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. Code 31 Recommended resolution. You may be prompted to provide the path of the driver. Windows may have the driver built-in, or may still have the driver files installed from the last time that you set up the device.

However, sometimes, it will open the New Hardware Wizard which may ask for the driver. Follow the instructions to update the driver.

There is some compatibility issue with Vista what a surprise, considering Vista is so stable with everything else: D and so it keeps on showing these errors and warning. If you're not using any specific device or connection that uses IPv6 connectivity exclusively, then just disable all the 6to4 adapters from the device manager and just leave them to rot.

No idea when will microsoft decides to fix it, but at least its not causing any other problem, so lets be thankful for that. Ill keep checking it though, cos as some of you have said it might randomly disable itself.

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Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Remove From My Forums. Windows Vista IT Pro. Windows Vista Hardware https: Sign in to vote. It tells me it was installed successfully but couldn't be loaded.. Tuesday, June 27, 7: The 6TO4 Adapter with a exclamation in device manager.

Windows Vista Beta 2 Build Proposed as answer by GeoffH2 Wednesday, February 4, Sunday, July 2, 3: Proposed as answer by GeoffH2 Thursday, February 19, 4: Sunday, February 25, Keep getting unknown errors when I post so I don't know if this will get in. Have the same problem as the rest of you. Also found a report in my modem that Ipv4 is good but Ipv6 is limited? Maybe thats why my connection will get so slow. Starts at a burst of around kps and then crawls along at kps.

Started a download that initially said 30 min or so and figured cool. Final report estimated finish in over 2hr30min! Gave up and haven't bothered. If someone knows if this driver is important or these two things are related, please let me know.

6to4 Adapter Vista Driver Download

Microsoft 6to4 Adapter Drivers Download

I get error 31 with 6TO4 Adapter, though I don't know what's this adaper's function and so I do not know what aspect of the pc isn't working, I just noticed it in the device manager and was wondering how to solve this problem? Got same message here. Vista premium preloaded on HP Pavilion. Found message in knowledge base that said it was of no consequence.

microsoft 6to4 adapter

6to4 Adapter Vista Driver Download

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