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Brother Dcp-8045d Printer Driver Install Update

Before you clean the DCP or clear a paper jam, make sure you have unplugged the power cord from the power outlet. To prevent injuries, be careful not to put your fingers in the area shown in To prevent injuries, be careful not to put your fingers in the area shown in the illustration. Choosing a location Place your DCP on a flat, stable surface that is free of vibration and shocks, such as a desk. Put the DCP near a telephone socket and a standard, grounded power outlet.

Table of Contents Introduction Changing the default copy settings You can Export items in other formats Changing the Scan to button configuration Select Configuration for the Scan Type You can make the most of your DCP by taking a few minutes to read this Guide. Open to place the document on the scanner glass. Use the keys and display to control the DCP. This is used to scan documents when using the ADF. Secure Lets you print out data saved in memory by entering your four-digit password.

Job Cancel Clears data from the printer memory. Copy keys Temporary Settings: Contrast Lets you make a copy that is lighter or darker than the original. Quality Lets you select the copy quality for your type of original. Tray Select You can select which tray you would like to use for the next copy.

The LED indications shown in the table below are used in the illustrations in this chapter. If you cannot clear the error and see the same service call indication after turning the DCP back on, call your dealer or Brother authorized service center.

The cover is open. See Error messages on page Inserting Originals for copying and scanning You can copy from either the ADF automatic document feeder or from the scanner glass. Adjust the paper guides to fit the width of your documents. The DCP starts scanning the first page. Using the scanner glass You can use the scanner glass to copy one page at a time, or pages of a book. To use the scanner glass, the ADF must be empty. You can make multiple copies; however, if you want them sorted you must use the ADF.

Paper About paper Type and size of paper The DCP loads paper from the installed paper tray, manual feed tray, multi-purpose tray or optional lower tray. Do not use ink jet paper. It may cause a paper jam and damage your DCP. The output quality depends on the paper type and paper brand. Visit us at http: Paper capacity of the paper trays Paper size Multi-purpose tray Width: How to load paper To load paper or other media in the paper tray Pull the paper tray completely out of the DCP.

While pressing the paper guide release lever, slide the adjusters to fit the paper size. Check that the guides are firmly in the slots. For Legal size paper, press the universal guide release button and pull out the back of the paper tray. Fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper jams and misfeeds. Put paper in the paper tray. Check that the paper is flat in the tray, below the maximum paper mark, and that the paper guide is flush against the paper stack.

To load paper or other media in the manual feed tray For DCP When printing envelopes and labels you should only use the manual feed tray. Open the manual feed tray. Slide the paper guides to fit the paper size. Using both hands put paper in the manual feed tray until the front edge of the paper touches the paper feed roller.

When you put paper in the manual feed, please remember the following: To load paper or other media in the multi-purpose tray MP tray For DCPD When printing envelopes and labels you should only use the multi-purpose tray. Open the MP tray and lower it gently.

Pull out and unfold the MP tray support flap. When loading paper in the MP tray, make sure it touches the back of the tray. If it is not, the paper may not be fed properly, resulting in a skewed printout or a paper jam. To use Automatic Duplexing for copy and print operations For DCPD If you want to print on both sides of the paper using the Duplex feature for copy or print, you will need to set the Paper Adjustment Lever to the size of paper you are using.

This feature is available for A4, Letter or Legal size paper. User-friendly programming helps you take full advantage of all the menu selections your DCP has to offer. Since your programming is done on the LCD, we have created step-by-step on-screen instructions to help you program your DCP. The LCD will then show the next menu level. Press to scroll to your next menu selection.

Press the Menu numbers. Paper Type Setup 2. Paper Size The default settings are shown in Bold with. Beeper Setup Continued 4. Copy For DCP, this menu does not appear. If you have the optional tray 2, see page Reset Printer The default settings are shown in Bold with. Main Menu Submenu 4. The default settings are shown in Bold with. If you have the optional paper tray, the LCD displays these menu options.

Key Operations table You can use the keys on the control panel to conveniently choose temporary copy settings and access the scanning operations. The Key Operations Table below will help you understand the options they provide. Temporary keys Options Secure — Press Plain , Thick , Thicker or Transparency. Setting the Paper Size You can use eight sizes of paper for printing copies: A4, letter, legal, executive, A5, A6, B5 and B6. When you change the size of paper in the DCP, you will need to change the setting for Paper Size at the same time so your DCP can fit reduced copy on the page.

Setting the Beeper Volume You can change the beeper volume. The default setting is Med. When the beeper is on, the DCP beeps every time you press a key or make a mistake. Menu Press Press option. You can choose how long the DCP is idle from 00 to 99 minutes before it goes into sleep mode. Power Save Setting Power Save mode reduces power consumption. Printable area The printable area of your DCP begins at approximately 2 mm from both ends and 3 mm from the top or bottom of the paper. A4 Document A4 Paper Unprintable Temporary copy settings You can improve your copies by using the Temporary Copy Keys: These settings are temporary, and the DCP returns to its default settings 1 minute after it finishes copying.

Single or multiple copies using the scanner glass You can make multiple copies using the scanner glass. Multiple copies will be stacked all copies of page 1, then all copies of page 2, and so on. Use the Temporary Copy keys to choose more settings.

See Using the Copy keys Temporary settings on page Lift the Document Cover. You will need to clear some jobs from the memory before you can continue. Then if this error message appears more than once you may wish to consider increasing the memory size. Using the Copy keys Temporary settings When you want to change the settings only for the next copy, use the Temporary Copy keys. Temporary Copy keys You can use different combinations. The large LCD shows your current Copy mode settings. Auto sets the DCP to calculate the reduction ratio that fits the size of your paper.

Place the document face up in the ADF, or face down on the scanner glass. Quality type of document You can select the Quality for your type of document.

Brother Dcp-8045d Printer Driver

Brother DCP-8045D Printer Drivers Download

The DCPD offers the same features and functions as the DCP plus a multi-purpose tray and automatic duplexing for 2-sided printing and copy output. Its standard sheet paper tray capacity can be increased to sheets by adding the optional 2nd paper tray. If 32MB standard memory capacity is not enough, you do have the option of increasing its total memory capacity to MB. In order to best assist you, please use one of the channels below to contact the Brother support team. Best for help with: Best for quick help with: The resource to the URL or file is currently unavailable. Black Copy Speed max.

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Brother Dcp-8045d Printer Driver

Brother DCPD is a fast printing device that takes place obtainable with a consisted of a great deal of functions. It is a specialist as well as smooth printing tool that provides you with either rapid print rate together with high-grade prints. This printer could take care of various paper dimension really conveniently. Its items consist of printers, multifunction printers, desktop, sewing makers, huge maker tools, tag printers, typewriters, fax machines, and also other computer-related electronic devices. Brother disperses its products both under its very own name as well as under OEM contracts with various other companies. In a European local sales firm was developed in Dublin. The company name was lastly altered to Brother Industries, Ltd. Brother went into the printer market throughout its long organization with Centronics. In the company removaled its UK head office to Audenshaw, Manchester, after acquiring the Jones Stitching Device Firm, a lengthy established British embroidery machine manufacturer. In December , Brother diversified its offerings by obtaining Nefsis, a pioneer in web-based remote cooperation and also conferencing software. In November , Brother revealed that it had built the last UK-made typewriter at its north Wales factory.

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