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Dolby 7.1 Driver Download Install Update

Select your location from below to view the available product, pricing and delivery options for your region. Razer Surround gives gamers the best virtual 7. Current generation virtual surround technologies are often inaccurate given that every individual has a unique response to simulated sound stages — as such, virtual surround sound is often regarded as inferior to discrete surround sound set ups.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the surround sound algorithms powering Razer Surround creates an unbelievably accurate surround sound environment and allows gamers to calibrate positional sound to match their own unique preferences. This level of calibration allows Razer Surround to provide an incredible level of precision in-game, allowing gamers to have the unfair advantage. Razer Surround is an advanced 7. Traditional virtual surround solutions use a one-size-fits-all approach with algorithms built on averages of ear sizes and shapes attempting to create a generic virtual surround sound that is not personalized and optimized for each gamer.

Razer Surround allows a personal calibration fit for your ears, giving you the ability to configure your perfect individual setting. Experience a greater sense of involvement in your favorite titles through our advanced audio application that accounts for the particular shape of your ears and the features of your headphones. Razer Surround is compatible with any headphones, headset and even earphones. Create your personalized positional audio calibration and unleash the full potential of next-gen video game sound with Razer Surround.

Experience the sweet sound of gaming that will immerse you in your games in a whole new way. By taking into account time delay, audio interference, amplitude, and other complex factors, our industry-leading gaming audio algorithms convincingly create sounds from any direction and distance.

Your personal audio calibrations will automatically be saved in the cloud, ready for use wherever you game. Getting into the game has never been easier.

Listen to the 7. This is a playback of a pre-recorded sample of a track virtualized through Razer Surround with default calibration compared to standard stereo. While it provides an incredible representation of the advanced virtual surround algorithms of Razer Surround, It will not give you the individually optimized positional audio that is available only on the software client.

To enjoy the best Razer Surround experience, installation and calibration of the Razer Surround software is required. December 19, Price: Microsoft Windows 10 bit and bit Microsoft Windows 8 bit and bit Microsoft Windows 7 bit and bit Supported Languages: After activation, full features are available in optional offline mode. Razer's website uses cookies. By proceeding, you consent to our cookie usage.

Please see Razer's Cookie Policy for cookie usage details and instructions on how to disable cookies. North America United States Canada. Buy Now Razer Surround Pro for windows. What is Virtual 7. Works with any Stereo Headphones! Razer Surround Demo Listen to the 7. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Surround vs Surround Pro. System Requirements Mbyte of free hard disc space Razer Synapse 2.

Dolby 7.1 Driver Download

Dolby Digital Plus

Xonar U7 serves the needs of PC gamers who want to enjoy strong and clear sound via headphones, and is also ideal for listening to music as it produces much more impactful and detailed audio than onboard hardware. Connecting via USB, it requires no standalone power supply and works instantly setup-free with no need to open the PC case. Xonar U7 engineering overcomes the space and power supply limitations of other external USB-based audio devices to offer precise and immersive 7. Up to 16X audio clarity compared with the SNR ratios of average onboard audio. Since many gamers choose to refrain from disturbing others while insisting on the best sound quality, Xonar teams integrate a headphone amplifier on Xonar U7 to boost immersive headphone output. The wonder of incredible compact audio!

GameCom 780/788 7.1 Surround Sound

Dolby 7.1 Driver Download

Where do you find this driver down load , what is the best and safest site? You will find all drivers that came with your computer. If these are not the most recent, then you can update them using Device Mgr or Windows update. Hope this helps and if you need any further assistance post and we will be glad to help you. The above opinion is mine and mine alone and doesn't necessarily reflect that of Microsoft, it's employees, or any other member of this forum. Be the first person to mark this helpful 37 people were helped by this reply.

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