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Canon Irc2380i Printer Driver Mac Install Update

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Apr 15, 4: Apr 15, 2: Apr 16, 2: Apr 17, 1: Apr 28, 3: Apr 29, 6: User profile for user: Anthony Powis Anthony Powis.

Does anyone know if and how we can get printing again? Huge thanks, Anthony P. We also using print job IDs for accounting.

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For the Canon UFR2 v2. With the printer created, if you then select to print something, such as PDF in Preview, then before actually printing change the menu to Special Features. Here you will see an picture of the copier and under that picture will be the button Printer Info.

When you press this button a small message may appear "Acquiring Printer Info" and then another window should appear showing the Configuration of the iRCi and the amount of paper in the copier. If this works then you can OK this window to close it. Now, still at the Special Features menu, you should see that the Job Accounting button is ticked. Next to that will be the Settings button. Also here you can enable the 'Confirm ID when printing' checkbox, which will make this ID window appear every time you print in case you need to enter a different ID for different clients.

If you just use the same ID every time you print then don't enable this checkbox. With regards to Postscript printing, there is currently no PS driver that supports your model and that works on The current Canon PS v3. Canon will be releasing a new PS driver in May that is listed to support your iRCi, so if this copier does have the Postscript option enabled, then you will be able to use this new driver.

As for the PPDs, they also require that Postscript is enabled in the copier, and if it is, then the PPDs allow you to print from the Mac and select a variety of finishing functions, like stapling and booklets.

Please reply if you need more assistance. View answer in context. If we were to wait for until May, is postscript a hardware function built on our copier that we would have to install or simply a software patch? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. If you are in the US, then you may have to use the US version.

If you're elsewhere in the world then the UK driver should work. I remember seeing the error previously, but I cannot find the posting or the solution. I will have to get back to you about the error. As for the Postcript kit, it is a license rather than a physical option. So come May, this may be worth investing in. Anyone else getting the error? At this stage I would suggest that as a test the Department ID function was disabled temporarily and a print test performed to see if the error continues.

Note that once the Department ID function is turned off on the , you will have to disable the Job Accounting setting in the driver. You can do this by opening a document and selecting to print with the set as the printer. If you then change to the Special Features menu, where you will see that Job Accounting is enabled, you can press the Printer Features button to refresh the driver setup so that Job Accounting is disabled. With this feature turned off you can then print your document to see if it works or fails with error.

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Canon Irc2380i Printer Driver Mac

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Canon IRC2380i Driver Mac OS X and Windows

Canon Irc2380i Printer Driver Mac

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Apr 15, 4: Apr 15, 2: Apr 16, 2: Apr 17, 1: Apr 28, 3: Apr 29, 6: User profile for user: Anthony Powis Anthony Powis. Does anyone know if and how we can get printing again? Huge thanks, Anthony P.

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