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On Windows 7, 8, and 8. T and later models use Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro. This software was needed because those versions of Windows did not natively support fingerprint readers. Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has added full support for fingerprint readers into the operating system. You only need a driver. The fingerprint software is no longer needed, and should be uninstalled prior to upgrading to Windows Before upgrading to Windows 10, you need to make sure you know your Windows password.

Whether you have fingerprints enrolled or not, the Windows 10 upgrade process will ask you for your Windows password, so you must know it. Below are the steps I took to successfully upgrade a T system running Windows 7. Any questions or comments, please leave them here. I hope this was helpful. These systems with Authentec fingerprint readers use ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software which is still needed on Windows It can be downloaded here: I just installed Windows 10 fresh install and didn't need to install Lenovo Fingerprint Manager.

It was enough with the driver 4. Do you still have power-on by fingerprint support after the upgrade to Windows 10 and using Windows Hello?

Since I enrolled in Windows Hello after the Windows 10 upgrade, I cannot power on my T with my fingerprint, although I can logon with it. I was able to power on my machine after the upgrade before enrolling in Hello. Unfortunately, T and older like your T will not support power-on by fingerprint in Windows 10 when using Windows Hello. The supplier of that fingerprint sensor, Authentec, no longer exists.

So it was not possible to make the driver changes needed for Windows Hello support in Windows You might be able to keep using ThinkVantage Fingerprint software in Windows 10 if it's more important to you to keep the power-on feature. I haven't personally tried it.

If you can't get it working, let me know and I will see if I can write a similar guide just for these older systems with the Authentec fingerprint reader. Thanks for you prompt response! I tried to disable Windows Hello by removing the PIN and fingerprints , but it appears that once it senses that there are fingerprints registered with the TP Fingerprint Software v 6.

Do you have any suggestions on how to have it work the same way it did in Windows 8. A guide for the Authentec fingerprint reader and Windows 10 would be awesome. What's the relationship between a driver of any particular version and the PID number? For the laptop systems with Synaptics fingerprint, it is the same driver for all the different PIDs.

Then, only use ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software to enroll fingerprints. Do not use Windows Hello to enroll fingerprints. Remove any existing fingerprints that might be enrolled in Windows Hello. It includes the driver that works on Win No need for anything else.

I have reinstalled the TFP software and reenrolled the fingerprints to no avail. The interesting thing is that before I reinstalled, I was able to power on the machine from fingerprint in Windows 10 two or three times at random, all times after the laptop had not been used for hours. Well, I only managed to finish up-till step I have problem locating "Windows Hello" in step What system are you using?

The link is in my earlier comment, 3 above yours. Also I have no idea what you are trying to do in your screenshot. You don't need any fingerprint software. To enroll fingerprints, look at steps again. If you still need help, post a screenshot of what you see at those steps.

I too was fighting with my fingerprint reader after my upgrade from Windows 7 to I think my computer would fall into the "Note about T and Earlier" section, but the ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software would not detect my Authentic reader. What worked for me was to uninstall all of the Lenovo software that I had from Windows 7 as the initial steps indicate.

In place of steps because Microsoft does not include the Authentec driver , install the Authentec WBF driver package from the link below on Dell's website. It does not have anything inside it that is branded just for Dell machines After that, continue with steps to set up Windows Hello to enable fingerprint based logins to Windows My initial issues on all this was to get LastPass fingerprint scanning to work again.

As best I can understand, it accesses the fingerprint reader through the Windows Biometric Framework. This driver allowed not only Windows to work with the fingerprint reader as Microsoft intended, but got LastPass working too.

T and your W uses an even older sensor that wasn't supported even on Windows 8 or 8. What you did is the way to get it working in Windows 10, although I think preboot authentication for BIOS passwords probably doesn't work. Thanks for posting the guide. This is not working in Windows Is there a way to make it work? Do I have to install Fingerprint Manager Pro to get it working like this? If you have this version of driver already , and it's not working, then my next suggestion is to clear the fingerprint data in BIOS:.

Uninstall any Lenovo fingerprint reader software currently installed and reboot. You must set a pin or Windows 10 login will fail regardless of whether you are using the built-in Windows 10 reader or the Lenovo software. In the ThinkVantage Fingerprint software click "Use fingerprint scan instead of power-on and hard rive passwords" and "Use fingerprint scan instead of power-on button".

If you don't see these options your bios doesn't support it. It takes two reboots to start working. And to answer your question kokmeng fingerprint is greyed out because you haven't set a pin. You must set a pin to use the built-in Windows 10 reader - or the Lenovo reader. Repeat - you must set a pin to use any print reader, period. Since the notebook is brandnew I didn't have Win 7 or 8 on it before for testing the FP reader, but the driver installed without any issues -- so it's maybe not a hardware problem.

If so, please read step 18 in the original article. Anyway, I just try to execute the. So, nobody can help? I have uninstalled Lenovo Fingerprint Pro Manager by following the step as adviced by this article 2.

Upgrade to Windows 10 as normal without hitting any problem 3. Biometric devices driver updated to 4. Personal PIN setup as per step 5. The "Set up" button for Windows Hello is grey off So, question is how to fix this?

I have tried step 18 but nothing change. Windows Hello "Set up" button remained grey off. I also notice that the.

I am desparately need help here! You use the Easy Driver Pack software version 6. I follow all your steps but the fingerprint don't works to start the laptop Fingerprint light is green, but nothing hapens when i try tu use it Before, all was ok with windows 8.

When i upgraded with win 10, the fngerprint was ok to start the PC, but I had to use it first to start and after to login. It why i unstalled the software Since, impossible to star the PC with the finger print. I have noticed that the fingerprint power-on in my T works sometimes in Windows 10 my driver version is 1. If I'm able to power-on the laptop with my fingerprint, the next time I need to power-on my machine after a shutdown the power-on fingerprint support will not work the sensor stays green and does not recognize my finger , and I'd have to wait until the logon screen to scan my finger I would get a Windows Hello message then.

If I shutdown afterwards, it is very likely that the power-on finger scanning will work the next time, but it is not always the case. Something is not right within Windows I used to enroll my fingerprint using Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro rather than builtin windows feature. Because it can enroll my fingerprint for my BIOS supervisor password also. But now, I can't use my fingerprint to configure my BIOS as replacement for supervisor password after resetting fingerprint data. I can't install Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro again due to incompatibility for windows How can I solve this?

Emeric , "turn on with fingerprint" is not supported in ThinkPad models with Validity fingerprint sensor - see this forum thread.

Download Lenovo Finger Sign In Driver

Lenovo Fingerprint Reader

I have a problem with my Lenovo B I downloaded the Lenovo Fingerprint Reader, and I tried to install it, but every time the system tries to install the appropriate drivers, it discontinues and instantly exits like the dialog box blinking once. What's wrong with the installer. Why is it not installing the bloody program?

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Download Lenovo Finger Sign In Driver

Will Windows 10 natively support fingerprint readers for doing more than just logging in? I have a fingerprint reader that is recognized by the OS, but the software that came with the reader fails to recognize the reader. Since Windows recognizes it, I am able to log in with the fingerprint reader just fine. I do miss being able to log into certain applications by fingerprint, and so am wondering if this functionality will eventually be supported. I suspect I won't be getting any updated software from Dell, so this is probably the only hope for this. Install the software using the compatibility mode and check if that helps. The suggestion mentioned in the following link applicable to Windows 10 Technical Preview as well. Please do let us know if you need further help. Did this solve your problem? Sorry this didn't help. It installs and runs correctly, it just doesn't see that the fingerprint reader is installed, though Windows itself recognizes the reader just fine. In my post I was as much suggesting that more biometric features be added to Windows because of situations like mine as much as trying to get this working now.

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