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For those of you out there in need for a 2 button configuration option while working with the W the Cintiq 18SX pen is compatible with the W tablet , there's finally a solution.

Lenovo asked Wacom not to give this option to the costumers go figure Just mind you there isn't any nice user interface but it works.

Install the oficial Lenovo W tablet driver 5. Download and run the altered driver from HERE this will install on top of the previous one 3. Open the control panel and change something, then close the control panel. This will force your preference file to be rewritten. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C: If you don't see an AppData folder, that's because it's hidden.

Scroll down or search for "barrel2" 8. Just above that you should see "ButtonFunction [a number]". The number is what you need to change. There are a ton of potential values, but I think the ones you might want are: You can continue to use the control panel as normal, but you'll need to do steps to change the second switch.

Now you can finally start using the W as it was supposed to. Sorry for the late reply. The Cintiq 18SX is the nicest but you have more compatible options here: The only way to get 2 side buttom support on the W is with the drivers and work around I posted on the first message. Thanks for posting this information. Could you please give some details on how you created the customized driver - it may help those of us who need to get this functionality working on other Windows releases.

Sorry Pavarotti but I did not created the customized driver If anyone tries the driver under other OS besides Vista, let me know if it works for you.

Thanks for your explanation! I work with a normal Wacom when in the dockingstation and used the build-in tablet on the road. When the "normal" wacom is connected I have the possibility to change the portion of the tablet I want to use.

That option seems to be missinng using the buildin tablet??!? Have you come across any hack to transfer this "portion" information the the configuration file for the build-in tablet?

Sorry but I have the same problem. My tablet is a little off on the left side and I have to move the pen outside the edge to reach that area You can always try to contact Wacom. Some of their developers are quite nice. Remember, the only reason why the W does not support 2 button pens is because Lenovo didn't want to!! Way to go Lenovo! Good news as the newest driver for the W's wacom under Windows 7 x64 let's you configure your 2 button pen in a much easier way than before.

Just follow the above list from point 5. Time to dump Vista forever. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. See our Sustainability Report. Register Sign In Help. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Message 1 of 8. I have this question too. Report Inappropriate Content tags: Message 2 of 8. Hi pepe, I am going to buy now a w for cad applications mostly.

I have never worked with a tablet before though. If the pen that lenovo provides is not going to help me with cad pro-engineer , rhino, 3dsmax and I have to buy an other , is the Cintiq 18 SX the only choice I have? Message 3 of 8. Message 4 of 8.

Message 5 of 8. Message 6 of 8. Hey Pepe, Thanks for your explanation! Message 7 of 8. Message 8 of 8. Subject kudos A glimpse at the ThinkPad P1. My ThinkPad P52 review. Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

A glimpse at the ThinkPad P1.

Lenovo W700 Driver Download

Lenovo Drivers Download

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Download Lenovo W700 Drivers

Lenovo W700 Driver Download

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