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Asus Raid Driver Download Install Update

CopywriterAlan Mar 18, , 6: I reset it to run normally and.. Thing is, last night I didn't get around to installing any drivers, just got frustrated and puzzled that's a polite word! In that folder, under "64" there are a bunch of files designated as "system files", "setup information" and "security catalog" but nothing I can actually run. Under hardware manager it shows 2 devices with the warning triangle: More about install asus raid driver. JackNaylorPE Mar 18, , 6: RAID is working, but how to install the drivers for it?

I presume they have to be installed, else why give me a CD with the drivers on? Can't find your answer? JackNaylorPE Mar 18, , 7: I just opened the manual for the Asus Hero and there's 8 pages of instructions. Creating the disk and installing the driver covers a full 2 pages and Since the PDF is copy protected, I can't just copy paste the instructions in here for you. The instructions provided are detailed and ez to understand. CopywriterAlan Mar 18, , 7: At which point during your installation did it ask for such a thing, or did you have to do something or what?

And your manual is not much help to me, I only have my manual and it says nothing other than how to set RAID already done and how to use the CD to load drivers - already done, apart from the driver that doesn't HAVE an. I've installed Windows twice on this system now, it doesn't ask for any drivers during install. JackNaylorPE Mar 18, , 8: I don't have a Hero, but since you haven't yet named your board, I picked that one because it's one of the most popular. Win 7 has the drivers it needs for RAID I haven't had to do that in years.

If this was XP, you'd need the driver. McHenryB Mar 18, , 8: CopywriterAlan Mar 18, , 8: CopywriterAlan Mar 18, , 9: If windows already has such drivers then why is it so freaking slow and unusable under RAID? I can understand it being slow to write but it's slow for everything.

When installing Windows on a RAID setup, does it install on both disks at once or only one disk and then start copying over? Because I keep reading about "building the array".

Is that a separate process after Windows install or should it already be fully built upon the first boot? McHenryB Mar 18, , 9: I don't know the answer to your question as I have never bothered with the "fake RAID" supported by some motherboards, but I would imagine that it installed to both disks at once. I can't see any reason why it would do otherwise.

As for the speed issue, I don't know but Googling shows that it is a common experience. I'd never bother with RAID on a home computer as, rather than waste the disk space, I just take an image of my system drive and daily backups of important data. I can afford the hour or so that it would take to restore the image to a new disk. I tried Acronis once and when I needed it, it did nothing. Well now it won't recognize that there are 2 disks!!

This is just driving me crazy now. McHenryB Mar 18, , I guess it's possible that you have a failed drive or a failed SATA port.

The usual troubleshooting procedure here is to try different drives in the same port to check if the drives are faulty and a known working drive in different ports to test the ports.

You should expect to see both drives in the Windows install program but the installed Windows will only show in Explorer the install drive. What do Device Manager and Disk Management show? JackNaylorPE Mar 19, , 3: McHenryB Mar 19, , 6: Just a quick note. I accidently selected the last post as "Best Solution", so immediately unselected it. No reflection on the post, but it's not my place to choose. CopywriterAlan Mar 19, , 3: Jack, my interest in RAID was nothing to do with performance, I wanted it purely for the redundancy aspect.

The only reason I got the H97 board was because it was the only one they had in the shop which was capable of running RAID. I had heard that running RAID 1 via software would be slow, but with hardware it has little effect. So get a motherboard with it built into the hardware, right? But my first post was because doing that led to a machine so slow it couldn't really be used.

I don't mean a bit sluggish, I mean you could click on something and then you had to wait 20 or 30 seconds for even a sign that the click had registered.

That seemed so incredibly stupid that I figured something must be wrong somewhere, hence posting on here to figure out what. Thus I have reset it to run normally - but even that became problematic But according to My Computer there was only one disk installed. I didn't do anything technical, just kept rebooting and happily it now shows both disks. What I'm thinking of doing is unplugging one disk, installing all drivers, updates, basic software and the files I use for work, then unplugging it and plugging in the other one, installing Windows on that and doing the same thing, get it up and ready to go, then unplug it again.

The plan being if the first drive does die on my I can just open the case, unplug it and plug the other one in. Is that a feasible idea? Or will Windows throw a hissy fit at being re-activated on a drive with a different serial number? McHenryB Mar 19, , 4: CopywriterAlan Mar 20, , 5: A total of 22 software programs, from antivirus to my email client, PDF reader, Roboform, printer driver, Skype, everything.

When finally satisfied I had ALL my necessary software, and the usual files and folder arrangement I use for work, I then cloned the disk using Macrium Reflect. Yes, because I am now running with the cloned disk The original one is in the case but power and data cables unplugged. Power surges or viruses can't get to it, and being an SSD it's not affected by knocks or magnets either.

That alone is a big improvement. I've also configured Word with a macro to save both to a local work folder and to my dropbox folder When my wallet recovers I'll get another drive, make that one into a clone too, test it, then put it sealed up in my shed or somewhere physically away from my home office. JackNaylorPE Mar 20, , 7: I came back to it and tried again Ask a new question.

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Asus Raid Driver Download

How to install Asus RAID driver?

CopywriterAlan Mar 18, , 6: I reset it to run normally and.. Thing is, last night I didn't get around to installing any drivers, just got frustrated and puzzled that's a polite word! In that folder, under "64" there are a bunch of files designated as "system files", "setup information" and "security catalog" but nothing I can actually run.

Asus Raid Driver Download

Sign In Sign Up. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of That isn't supported by x as of today. Originally Posted by pisymbol. Installer will claim no supported hardware. It will extract to C: The BIOS implementation doesn't seem to be accessible either. At least not as stated in the manual.

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